events in Germany timeline from 1919- 1939

this pdf file contains the important events that took place in Germany between the

years 1919 - 1939 

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This timeline goes beyond the scope of the HSC Modern History course as it
finishes in 1945 at the end of the war instead of the required 1939 .
January President Wilson's Fourteen Points was announced
September Hindenburg and Ludendorff informed the Kaiser that Germany had lost
the war and that an armistice should be sought immediately
October Prince Max of Baden was appointed Chancellor
Ludendorff was replaced by General Groener
Mutiny broke out in the German navy
November A Workers' and Soldiers' Council was set up in Kiel and in other cities
Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated the throne of Germany
Ebert became Chancellor of Germany
Scheidemann declared Germany a republic
The armistice was signed and world war one ended
January Sparticist uprising in Berlin was suppressed by the Freikorps
Leibneckt and Luxemburg murdered
February the German government met in Weimar
Scheidemann became the first Chancellor of the Weimar Republic
Ebert became the first President of the Weimar Republic
September Hitler joined the German Workers' Party in Munich
1920 February Hitler announces the new name for the German Workers' Party - National
Socialist German Workers'Party (Nazi) - and his 25 point plan for the future
December Germany failed to make reparation payment
January French and Belgian troops occupied the Ruhr
German workers began passive resistance in the Ruhr
September Chancellor Stresemann ended passive resistance against the French
government in the Ruhr

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October A new currency called the Rentenmark was introduced
November Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch in Munich failed
April Hitler was sentenced to five years' imprisonment
The Dawes Plan was announced
December Hitler was released from prison and began to rebuild the Nazi Party
February Paul von Hindenburg was elected President of Germany
October Germany signed the Locarno Treaty with France, Britain, Belgium and Italy
guaranteeing its borders with France
May Hitler declared leader (Führer) of the Nazi Party
January Goebbels appointed chief…read more

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September Reichstag dissolved
November Reichstag elections were held
Nazi vote declined
Papen government resigned
December Von Schleicher appointed Chancellor
January Schleicher's government fell
Hitler was appointed Chancellor, with Papen as Vice-Chancellor
February Reichstag Fire
Law for the Protection of People and State
March Goebbels appointed Propaganda Minister
Reichstag elections were held
Enabling Act was passed
April Jewish children were restricted entry into German schools
First boycott of Jewish businesses and professionals
May Trade unions abolished
Burning of "un-German" books
June Political parties banned
SS…read more

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Hitler combined the offices of President and Chancellor
The German Army swore an oath of loyalty to Hitler
March Germany reintroduced conscription, which was against the Treaty of
1935 Versailles
September Nuremburg laws against Jews were passed
March German troops reoccupied the Rhineland
June Himmler became Chief of the German police
August Olympic Games were held in Berlin
September Four-Year Plan for economic self-sufficiency and rearmament introduced
October Germany signed a treaty with Italy
March The Anschluss, Austria was incorporated into the Reich
1938…read more


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