History - britain and WW1 (Unit 3)

All about britain during ww1, 1914

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Why did the SCHLEIFFEN PLAN fail, 1914?

The main reason for the SCHLEIFFEN PLAN failing in 1914 are:

  • The french were beaten
  • Russian troops moved more quickly than expected
  • Germany didn't think Britain would get involved in the war
  • The Germans were slowed down by the Belgium army
  • Germany didn't reach Paris in the expected 6 weeks
  • The germans had to transfer the troops to the East
  • the plan was too ambitious and involved moving large armies quickly over great distances.
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Pals Battalion

Pals Battalion

was introduced to encourage more men to join the army, it was basically: if you joined up with your friends you would be put together in war.

B.E.F - British Expeditionary Force

  • arrived in France, 21st August
  • only 100,000 men under command of Sir John French
  • well trained and equipped and had experience
  • delayed Germans advanced by a day
  • Germans suffered heavy casualties
  • BEF retreated because lack of support, made a stand at Le Cateau, 26th aug
  • BEF delayed germany and gave french troops chance to change plans
  • French lauched attack at Battle of the Marne
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