Origins of WW1

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  • History - WW1
    • Crisis WW1
      • Moroccan 1905-06
        • 1.In the scramble for Africa, France had gained the majority of northern Africa.
        • 2.However Germany was late to the race and wanted to take over Morocco.
        • 3.Germany had to back down due to Britain and Russia stand with France
        • This left Germany humiliated and strengthened the triple entente.
      • Agadir 1911
        • 1. The French sent troops to morocco to fight moroccan rebels, Germany accused France of trying to take control.
        • 2. Germany sent a warship called the 'PANTHER' to Agadir (Morocco). to threaten France.
        • 3. Germany eventually forced to back down due to confrontation from France and Britain
        • This left the Kaiser humiliated however it strengthened their alliance but create rivalry.
      • Bosnian Crisis 1908
        • 1.Austria Hungry wanted to take over Bosnia to expand their empire.
        • 2.Serbia was unhappy about this as they wanted to form Slav states with Bosnia, so asked Russia for their support.
        • 3.Germany threatened Russia, causing them to back down.
        • This made the alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungry stronger. Russia was determined not to back down again. Serbia wanted revenge on Austria-Hungry.
    • Alliances
      • Franco-Russina
        • France + Russia
      • Triple entente
        • France, Britain + Russia
      • Entente cordiale
        • Britain + France
      • Treaty of London
        • Britain + Belgium
      • Triple alliance
        • Germany, Austria Hungry and Italy
    • Assassination of the Archduke
      • 1. Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne, he went with his pregnant wife to Bosnia to strengthen the loyalty of their people.
        • Sarajevo, Bosnia
      • 2.The Black Hand Gang planned to assassinate the Archduke.
        • Terrorist group formed in 1910, who wanted to unite all serbs living in the Balkans.
      • 3. One member tried to throw a bomb at the car and missed, he was immediately arrested.
      • 4.The archduke wanted to travel a different way although no one had told the driver.
      • 5. To the drivers error he turned around right in front of a sandwich shop, when Gavrilo Princip pulled out a gun.
      • 6. He shot both the Archduke and his wide.
      • 28th June 1914
      • Afterwards
        • Austria asked Germany if they would support them in which Germany said that they would.
        • The Austrian Government sent the Serbian Government a 10 point ultimatum.
        • Serbians accepted all terms but one, which allowed Austrian police into Serbia.
        • On July 28th Austria Hungry declares war on Serbia.
        • July 30th Russia Mobilised.
        • August 1st, Germany declares war on Russia
        • August 3rd, Germany declares war on France, following the Schlieffen Plan in Belgium.


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