Treaty of Versailles REVISION NOTES

These are all of the notes I have made based on the Treaty of Versailles.

I'm not promising that everything is 100% correct, but they are what I was taught and what I have revised from, and they have gotten me good grades!

I really hope these help you all :)

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Treaty of Versailles ­
(OCR History GCSE)

The armistice (to signal the end of WW1) was signed on...
11th November, 1918

Effects of WW1 ­

Most of Europe devastated by war ­ eg. large areas of Northern France and
Belgium in ruins.
Millions of soldiers killed or injured, on both…

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Things began to break up in March, 1919, BUT...

On 25th March 1919, Lloyd-George issued the Fontainebleau Memorandum ­
Persuaded Clemenceau to agree to the League of Nations and to a more lenient
Persuaded Wilson to agree to the `war guilt' clause.

So, Lloyd-George and the Fontainebleau Memorandum helped…

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L ­ League of Nations:
Set up like a controlled Police force to enforce `universal peace' and prevent future
Germany weren't allowed to join either; not until they could show that they had
become a peace-loving nation.
Hated ­ the '14 Points' were unfair and they were insulted by…

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BUT, if too harsh enemies independence would lead boat was the only way to
will be made; another to peace. attack them ­ Protection.

The other treaties:








Could the Treaty be justified?


Alsace-Lorraine originally belonged to France, so they were…

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Germany accepted the Treaty of Versailles in the first place; they could have
negotiated like Turkey did - They agreed to the harsh terms, so they can't
really complain.
The `Big 3' needed to satisfy their public as they were directly affected by the
war - So harsh measures had…

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David Lloyd-George:

Satisfied with ­ Protected the British navy; Germany's Empire was taken away from
Germany was becoming increasingly widespread and powerful, which threatened
Britain's Empire; so Britain had, once again, the greatest Empire. Also, the Navy was
their only protection, so felt more secure.

Not satisfied with…


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