Hindu Weddings

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Mehndi Party

What Is It?

-The bridal party is decorated with henna.

- Henna is a reddish-brown dye made from the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, used to colour the hair and decorate the body.

- The darker the henna on the bride, the more the groom is seen to love his wife.


-To celebrate with close females of the family and friends

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What Is It?

- The brides parents welcome the groom and his family. 

-They exchange garlands.


- This marks the start of a relationship between two families

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What Is It?

-A sacred fire id lit and the priest recites the sacred mantras.


- This teaches selflessness required between two families.

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What Is It?

-This is the climbing over a stone/rock by the bride. Both then gently walk around the fire.


-This symbolises the bride's willingness and strength to overcome difficulties in pursuit of her duties.

- Its also a sign of the grooms responsibility.

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What Is It?

- This is the main ceremony and legal part.

- The couple will wake 7 seven steps and recite 7 vows.


- This is to share the promises between the couple and to formally marry them

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What Is It?

-The couple are blessed by the elders and priest


- This is for a long and prosperous marriage

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