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Marriage, cohabitation and same-sex relationships

Christian beliefs

  • most demominations don't have a betrothal ceremony
  • marriage is a sacrament
  • different attitudes to same sex marraige
    • Anglican church may bless the same sex couple
    • Quakers have welcomed same sex marriages for many years
    • Catholics teach marriage is between a man and a woman

Muslim beliefs

  • Many preperations before marriage:
    • families often help find the right partner
    • often courtship happens before the wedding
    • supervised meetings of the couple
    • dowry (mahr) is arranged
  • Cermemony (Nikkah) may take place in the Mosque or home
  • same-sex marriages are not allowed
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  • often held in Churches, chapelor cathederal as these are considered Gods house
  • purpose of marriage is stated at the start of the service
  • vows are taken e.g 'in sickness and in health'
  • exchange of rings to represent love
  • sermon or talk about the importance of marriage
  • singing of hymns to worship God


  • Often held in a synagogue
  • Held under a chuppah as it is believed that it shows the new home or a sign of god's blessing
  • Blessing of wine to symbolise joy and marriage
  • singing of the ketubah
  • breaking of a glass to represent fragility of marriage and destruction of the temple
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Divorce and remarriage


  • Divorce isn't recognised
  • marriage is a sacrament and cannot be dissolved unless annulled
  • annulment can happen for different cases such as where a partner has been forced to marry

Anglicans, Methodists, united reform churches

  • Divorce is accepted
  • remarriage is discouraged but if chosen, a non-church wedding is preffered
  • no minister can be forced to conduct a remarriage service


  • Divorce is allowed but is a last resort
  • Hindus of lower castes are allowed to divorce and remarry
  • extended family would help reconcile the couple

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