Health Promotion

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Health Promotion


Improve levels of fitness

Prevent ill health

Promote safe sex

Immunise people against preventable diseases

Meke people understand the causes of illness

Stop people drinking and driving

Encourage people to eat healthyily

Better treat existing health problems

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Biomedical Approach


Approach takes medical action to improve people's health.


Takes medical action to improve people's health




Breast screening

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Biomedical Approach: Strengths


Medical action can prevent health issues

Work on many people

Campaigns reach almost everyone

Different treatments availble

Help with quick resultus

Public have faith

People happy to have tests

Helpful as a backup

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Biomedical Approach: Weaknesses


People afrais of treatment

People limited understanding

Transport issues

Only a quick fix

People unaware of treatments

Dont want to know of treatments

People ignore stratgies on offer

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Educational Approach


Explains things to people so they can understand


Help people understand things more fully


School talks


Support groups

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Educational Approach: Strengths


Provides information

People can make more informed desicions

People might have not known before

If enough are educated becomes common sense

Lots of people use the examples

Pester power works

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Educational Approach: Weaknesses


TV doesnt reach everyone

Youngchildren wont understand

Billboards/posters go unnoticed

People dont want to change

People might not care

People through junk mail out

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Societal Approach


Methos of improving health within society through laws and policies


Improve health through restrictions and laws


Raising the age of consent

Anti-smoking laws

Targets for doctors to meet

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Societal Approach: Strengths


Hard to miss changes in law

Stratagies to enforce law

People listen if it the law

Morally wrong to break the law

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Societal Approach: Weaknesses


Rebeling is cool

Years for law to take full effect

Hard to enforce laws

Banning something pushes it back to the streets

People do it anyway

Doesnt help people who are addicted

People may view law as harsh

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Negative view:

Absense of physical illness, disease and mental. distress

Positive view:

Achievement and maintenance of physical fitnessand mental stability

Holistic view:

Health and well-being are the result of a combination of PIES factors

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Personal view:

Based on the experiences that we have had

WHO view:

State of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just absence of disease

WHO health promotion view:

The process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health

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