Health and Social Care Life Quality Factors

13 Pysological Life Quality Factors

6 Physical Life Quality Factors

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Psychological Security

The absense of fear or distressing anxiety.

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Social Contact

Having opportunities to be with other people.

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Social Support

Having opportunities to be with familiar and trusted people.

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Being shown positive regard.

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Opportunities to be undisturbed or unobserved by others in situations likely to cause embarrassment.

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Showing a person respect and the absence of demeaning treatment.

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Preventing sensitive information about a client from being made public unnecessarily.

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Equitable Treatment

To receive treatment that might not be the same as the treatment of others, but is seen as fair, appropriate and not significantly better or worse.

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Effective Communication

Enables people to access the information they need and to influence those around them.

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Having somethind interesting or worthwhile to do.

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The presence of an event or activity (stimuli).

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Having or being given the opportunity to make decisions about your situation.

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Having effective control over your actions and being free from coercion.

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Most people feel better after exercise and regular exercise has important long-term health benefits.

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People need a balanced diet to remain healthy.

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Physical Saftey

The absence of serious risk of injury.

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The absense of serious risk of infection.

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Physical Comfort

The absense of excessive cold, heat or unpleasant stimulations.

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Freedom from Pain

To be free from pain.

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