Health & Fitness

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Health - the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being

Factors that contribute to good health:

- Well balanced diet

- Stable home enviroment

- Regular exercise

- No smoking

- No drugs 

- Good hygiene

- Social life/ leisure activites

- Good education (mental health wise) 

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Fitness - the ability of your body systems to function with optimum efficiency

Made up of 10 elements - Strength, Stamina, Speed, Agility, Power, Co-ordination, R + R, Balance, LME & Flexibility 


Specific Fitness (sport related)

- ability to perform a specific activity at your best. It involves developing specific     aspects of fitness for the activity. It will involve following a specific training programme.

General Fitness continued..............

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General Fitness

General Fitness (everyday living)

Everyone needs a maximum level of fitness

- energy (body functions efficiently)

- strength (support and movement)

- flexibility (bend/stretch/dress themselves/reach for things

- co -ordination (do different tasks)

- R + R (to avoid danger)

Everyone should be doing some sort of exercise to maintain good general fitness

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Benefits of Exercise

Physiological                              Psychological                          Social

- Live longer                                  - releases endorphins                - make friends

- Recover more quickly                  - relieves stress                         - have fun

- healthy body = healthy mind        - gets rid of anger                      - trust (teamwork)

- improves fitness elements            - relieves boredom                     - leadership skills

- less risk of heart disease             - more alert + aware                  - reduces carbon foot

- maintain healthy weight               - stimulates brain activity             print

   - self defence (less              vulnerable 

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