Haydn''s Drum Roll Symphony 4th Movement

Bullet points of key factors in each section and a short contextual overview

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Written for John Peter Solomon

Written for an orchestra of 60

Written in Sonata Rondo Form due to Haydn's love of experimentation

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Exposition 1 - Eb major - A Theme - 1st Subject

Exposition 2 - Bb major - B theme - 2nd subject

Exposition 1 - Eb major - A Theme - 1st Subject

Development - C minor - C Episode

Recapitulation - Eb Major - A Theme - 1st Subject

Coda - Eb Major - B Episode

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Exposition 1

repeated horn call

melody broken down into motifs which are repeated

briefly pass through F - minor

Woodwind and brass are used sparingly, in duet or solo over sustained notes

Texture is reduced b-65

Full Orchestra finally enters bar 73

Motifs are used immatively creating a polyphonic texture over a shif to Bb Major

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Exposition 2

Less Frantic

Melody replaced by crotchet string melody

dynamics drop to p

texture reduced to strings and occasional woodwind

double stopping and triple stopping add emphasis to approaching cadence

Link passage using a Bb Pedal under chromatic chords to a final dominant 7th chord

modulation to Eb Major

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Exposition 1

A repeat of Exposition 1 with out long build up 

(25 bars inatead of 107)

addition of an inverted woodwind melody

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C - minor

Motif becomes so immative it is heard in almost every bar

polyphonic texture

woodwind and violins harmonise in 3rds for interest causing a chordal string texture

b.198 change of mood, upper strings play a legato version of motif in crotchets

sudden tutti return of orchestra marked forzando

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Suprising return to tonic key

1st theme played (53 bars not 107)

brief modulation to Bb signalled by horns, oboes, trumpets and timps playing a Bb pedal

reverts back to Eb

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Eb major

Violins play rapidly in octive leaps

violins play a difficult top G in sixth position

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