Haydn''s Drum Roll Symphony 4th Movement

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Haydn - Drum Roll Symphony 4th movement

  • Written for John Peter Solomon - a famous violinist and leader of the Opera Concert Orchestra
  • Written for an orchestra of 60
  • Written in Sonata-Rondo Form due to Haydn's love of experimentation
  • Monothematic

Uses motifs, pedals , imitation (Antiphony) and a repeating theme


Bars Key Rondo Sonata

1-107 Eb A Theme Exposition 1 (1st Subject)

107-157 Bb B Episode Exposition 2 (2nd Subject)

158 - 182 Eb A Theme Exposition (1st subject)

182-263 Cm C Episode Development

264 - 316 Eb A Theme Recapitulation

316 - 386 Eb B Episode/ Coda


Key Features

Exposition 1 A-theme

  • Horn Call repeated after short pause giving momentum and intensity
  • Haydn breaks down main theme into motifs
  • briefly pass through F-minor 12-15
  • Woodwind and brass are used separately and sparingly, horns clarinets and oboes either play solo or in duet over long sustained notes creating suspense
  • Haydn reduces texture bar 65 creating a bigger impact when the full orchestra finally


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