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•cartridge paper

-It is thicker than regular paper

-Made from chemical wood pulps, espartos or both.

-The texture is rough, semi-rough or smooth depending on its use

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•folding boxboard

- Made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp

-The top layer is of bleached chemical pulp with an optional pigment coating

- low density material with high stiffness

-The major uses of folding boxboard: health and beauty products, frozen, chilled and other foods, confectionaries, pharmaceuticals, graphical uses[3] and cigarettes.[4

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Ferrous - steel

Ferrous metals include:


pig iron (with a carbon content of a few percent)

alloys of iron with other metals (such as stainless steel).

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form — Why is the product shaped/styled as it is?

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function — What is the purpose of the product?

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6 R's

  • Rethink- is it made using Fair trade practices? Think about the energy used.
  • Reuse- Clothes can be sold again or redesigned
  • Recycle- Textiles from others are collected and given to charity
  • Repair- Fix items if they are torn or broken
  • Reduce- Cut down on the number of textiles clothing we buy
  • Refuse- To buy products which are not sustainably designed+ manufacured
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user requirements

user requirements — What qualities make the product attractive to potential users?

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