Graphics - Properties of Materials

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  • Properties of Graphic Materials
    • Strength
      • The ability to withstand forces without breaking.
      • Rope resists a pulling force
      • Bridges resist a squashing force
      • Surfboards resist bending forces
    • Hardness
      • The ability to withstand scratching, rubbing or denting
      • High quality graphic products need to avoid getting scratched.
    • Toughness
      • The opposite of brittle (hard but can break easily)
      • Can absorb impacts without breaking or snapping
      • Armour and bulletproof vests need to be tough
    • Aesthetic Properties
      • The way a material looks
      • Opaque/ Transparent/ Translucent
      • Colour, texture, pattern.
    • Strength to Weight ratio
      • Materials that are strong but don't weigh much.
      • Important for space crafts, racing cars and packaging.
    • Impact Resistance
      • A variety of toughness. The ability to withstand a sudden force without snapping or cracking
      • Copper has good impact resistance, it can be hit with a hammer and not shatter.
    • Flexibility
      • The ability to bend without breaking
      • Electrical wires must be flexible so they can bend around objects


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