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  • Task Analysis    Retail Environment
    • Who is the target market?
      • Teenagersand young adults
      • Olly Murs fans
    • Durability - does it need to last a long time?
      • Needs to last the lifetime of the CD
      • Lifespan between 2 and 5 years
    • What does the product have to do?
      • Needs to safely and comfortably hold a Cd
      • Provide information about the Artist and their music, including lyrics.
    • Aesthetic Qualities - all aspects of appearance
      • Attractive including graphics
      • Promote Olly Murs
      • Information - Olly Murs, timeline, lyrics
      • Octagonal Shape
    • What sort of retail outlet will it be sold through?
      • Supermarkets
      • Music Shops
      • Online
    • Ergonomics - will it be comfortable to use?
      • Needs to be easy to open adn close
    • Where will the product be used?
      • In a vehicle
      • In the home
      • Social Environments
    • How many products are you expected to be able to make?
      • Mass produced
      • Expected upto 50 - batched production in reality
    • What kind of research will you have to do?
      • Past CD sleeves
      • What might attract people to buy this product
    • Size - is there a size restriction?
      • Needs to be big enough to comfortably hold a CD
      • Too big adn it may put people off from buying it
      • Too big nmight become uncomfrtable
      • Established retail unit size
    • Surface graphics and finishes - what might you use?
      • Card
      • Graphics
    • What materials could you use to make your protype?
      • As little plastic as possible to keep it environmentally friendly
      • Recycled Cardboard - thick and thin
      • Plain and coloured card


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