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Both drawing equipment and computers are used in graphic desgn. A wide range of graphic media and equipment can be used to achieve different qualities. Graphics editing software is used to edit bitmap and vector images. Desktop publishing software is used to layout pages.

Graphic media

The materials used to draw an image are called graphic media. Different media and techniques can be used to produce different qualities.

Graphic media and qualities


Graphite pencils

four graphite pencils (

  • - available from 9H (very hard) to 9B (very soft)
  • - softer pencils used to add darker tones to drawings
  • - harder pencils good for technical drawings

Coloured pencils

Four coloured pencils on a piece of lined paper (

  • - good for flat areas of colour
  • - available in many colours
  • - water soluble pencils used to blend colours


Multicoloured marker pens. (

  • water-based - non permanent, do not bleed, can give streaky finish
  • spirit-based - permanent, need bleedproof paper, waterproof
  • - different nib shapes eg round, brush, square

Watercolour paint

Tubes of red, blue, white and lime green watercolour paints. (

  • - comes as paste in tubes, or solid blocks
  • - thinned with water for different shades
  • - good for applying colourwashes

Gouache paint

A tube of black gouache paint. (

  • - comes as paste in tubes
  • - thick, opaque finish
  • - thinned with water for different shades and colourwashes

Acrylic paint

Tubes of acrylic paint in red yellow and blue. (

  • - opaque
  • - dries quickly, water resistant when dry
  • - work on most materials eg plastic
  • - thinned with water for colourwashes

Spray paint

hand spraying red paint on wallpaper (

  • - good for painting 3D models
  • - good ventilation needed

Chalks and pastels

pile of coloured pastels on white background (

  • - good for large areas of colour
  • - good for tones and shades
  • - not suitable for detail

Drawing tools and lettering

Drawing equipment is used to make formal drawings quickly and accurately. The main types of drawing equipment are:

Drawing equipment and uses


Drawing board

standing drawing board on white background (

  • - provides a smooth, flat surface for drawing
  • - holds paper in place
  • - some have a groove for the T-square


t-square (

  • - drawing horizontal lines
  • - good for drawing parallel lines

Parallel motion

person using a parallel motion on drawing board (

  • - drawing parallel lines
  • - replaces a T-square
  • - may be…


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