Grace - Jeff Buckley

Revision cards to help memorise/revise the five area notes in the table.

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Revision Cards

Grace - Jeff Buckley

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1) List all instruments used in the piece

2) What tuning are the guitars in?

3) What notation is used for the guitars?

  4) General information about the vocal part.

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Instrumentation - Answers

1) Solo voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, synthesiser and strings

2) Guitars use Drop D tuning.

3) Guitars use T.A.B notation.

4) Vocal part has improvisatory feel and a high tessitura. Buckley uses falsetto.

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1) What is used on the vocal part to strengthen the line?

2) What is used to strenghthen the guitar part?

3) What is used on the voice part to remove the lower frequencies in the final verse?

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Technology - Answers

1) Overdubbing, multi tracking and the telephone effect is used to strengthen the vocal part.

2) Distortion is used to strengthen the guitar part.

3) EQ is used on voice to remove the lower frequencies in the final verse.

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Harmony & Tonality

1) What feel does the piece have at the start?

2) When does the piece settle into E minor?

3) The harmony is _________ for a rock song.

4) _________ chord _________ are avoided.

5) Some of the harmonies are ________, particularly in the _______

6) What motion do the chords move in?

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Harmony & Tonality - Answers

1) The piece has an ambiguous feel at the start (ambiguous = uncertain)

2) The piece doesn't settle into E minor until half way through the verse.

3) The harmony is unusual for a rock song.

4) Standard chord progressions are avoided.

5) Some of the harmonies are dissonant, particularly in the chords.

6) Chords often move in parallel motion.

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1) The vocal part has a ______ range.

2) What do most of the vocal phrases do?

3) Phrases are ______ to reflect on the ____ mood.

4) Frequent ____________ in the melody with ________.

5) In the bridge there is _______.

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Rhythm & Metre

1) What is the metre in the piece?

2) What beats does the bass drum play on?

3) What beats does the snare drum play on?

4) There is frequent ___________ and use of _____-rhythms

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Rhythm & Metre - Answers

1) Metre is 12, 8

2) Bass drum plays on beat 1 and 3

3) Snare drum accents back beats - beats 2 and 4

4) There is frequent syncopation and use of cross-rhythms.

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Structure Info

The piece is written in standard song structure (verse, chorus) with an Introduction, bridge and coda.

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Samuel Richardson


A really useful set of revision cards in the form of questions and answers on all the required categories. Use these at the end of a revision session to make sure you can remember the key details. 

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