Governing the UK: The Functions of the House of Commons

These are some important political terms that should add to the accuracy of your answer(s), if used correctly.

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The Government's Legislative Programme is a number of bills planned to be passed by the government, and is read out at the start of each year by the Queen.

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A Private Members' Bill is a bill proposed by an individual (usually back bench) MP and not by the party; as such, it will usually concern a personal interest of the MP, and will often lack the support needed to push the bill through parliament.

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Parliamentary Oversight is the constant checking of the executive by parliament, by means of scrutiny, such as PMQs or select committees.

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Prime Minister's Questions is a weekly oppurtunity for MPs to question and challenge the Prime Minister (and the Cabinet) and their policies for half an hour.

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Select Committees are groups of MPs with a specific interest that scrutinise a particular department over the decisions they make.

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A Minister is an MP that belongs to the Cabinet, as they are responsible for a specific department, such as Liam Fox, who is the Defense Secretary.

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