UNIT 2: Governing the UK

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  • Governing the UK
    • Judges and Civil Liberties
      • Nature and Role of Judiciary
      • Role of European Courts
      • Judicial review
      • The independence of the Judiciary
      • Judicial neutrality
      • The nature of civil liberties
      • The human Rights Act
      • Judicial protection of civil liberties
      • Judicial power
      • Reform of the judiciary
    • The constitution
      • Role and Purpose of state constitution
      • feautures of UK constitution
      • sources of UK constitution
      • Unitary and Federal constitutions
      • The debate about codified and uncodified constitutions
      • Soveriegnty
      • Evaluation of UK Constitution
      • Constitutional reform in the UK
    • PM and Cabinet
      • nature and role of the cabinet
      • collective responsibility
      • Prime Ministerial power
      • relationship between PM and Cabinet
      • Individual ministerial responsibilty
      • Is the British Prime Minister now effectively a President
    • Parliament
      • functions of parliament
      • composition and structure of House of Commons
        • Evaluation of the House of Commons
          • Reform of the House of Commons
      • composition and structure of House of Lords
      • Parliamentary Committees
      • relationship between parliament and government


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