Goal Setting

The way to remember goal setting

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Goal Setting


Specific- the goal must be related to the individual and include precise aims, rather than simple statements. The goals should be clear and ambiguous, with a clear relevance to the ultimate outcome goal

Measureable- the goal must be able to be assessed and recorded to allow the performer to see his or her progress.

Accepted- the goal muct be agreed between the performer and the coach. The athlete should be part of the discussion process to establish a goal, which will increase motivation levels and is more likely to commit.

Realistic- must be within the performer's capabilities otherwise anxiety will increase.

Timed- must have a fixed deadline for evaluation otherwise the performer will lose motivation.

Exciting- the goal must be viewed as a challenge to the athlete and he or she must be motivated to achieve success and gain intrinsic satisfaction.

Recorded- all goals should be recorded for evaluation

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