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hydraulic system


The water getting soaked up form the surface into soil or rocks. 

infiltration (

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hydraulic system


water running through the soil into the ground going very deep.

Movement of water into under lying rock.

 percolation (

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hydraulic system

Ground water storage:

the water beneath the surface is stored after percolation

ground water storage (

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hydraulic system


when water vapour turns into clouds.

condensation (

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hydraulic system

water table:

the line between saturated ground and unsaturated ground.  Level of wich saturation occurs in a rock.

water table (

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hydraulic system

Inputs and outputs:


anything that comes in the water cycle, such as precipitation.


anything that comes out the water cycle such as evaporation.

inputs,outputs (

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hydraulic system


movement through the system flows (

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hydraulic system


stores are places where for example water is kept/heldwater stores (

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