AQA geogrpahy spec A - keywords

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Fetch: The distance of open water over which the wind can blow.

Swash:The forward movement of a wave up a beach.

Backwash: The backward movement of water down a beach when a wave has broken.

Constructive Wave: A Powerful wave with a strong swash and a weak backwash

Destructive Wave: A wave formed by a local storm that crashes down onto a beach and has a powerful back wash

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Mass Movement

 - Rockfall                                                                                                            

Fragments of rock break away from the cliff - often due to freeze thaw weathering.

- Mudflow                                                                                                            

Saturated soil and weak rock flow down a slope.

 - Rotational Slip                                                                                                   

Stump of saturated soil and weak rock slide on a curved surface resulting in a 'steps' effect

- Land Slide                                                                                                         

Block of rocks sliding down a hill.

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Marine Processes

Hydraulic Power

The power of waves smashing into the cliff. Trapped air is blasted into the holes and cracks in the rock causing the rock to break apart. 


Fragments of rock being picked up and hurnled at the cliff by the sea.


Sand papering effect of pebbles on a rocky platfrom making them smooth.

Attrition                                                                                                                           Fragments carried by the sea that knock against each other and become rounded

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