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  • Explain the geographical challenges resulting from a greying population. 15 marks no more than 2 sides.
    • In 2005 there were more than 11 million people over state pension age.
    • Services becoming stressed with increase in demand due to ageing population
      • More money needed for services. This money is taken as tax.
    • A 60yr old man could expect to live another 20.5 yrs. A woman could expect to live another 23.2 years.
    • Centenarians reach record high
    • Number of pensioners increasing.
      • Not enough money to provide sufficient state pensions for those in retirement
        • More money is needed.
          • In 2006, 6.3million people aged between 50 and the state pension age were in employment In the UK.
            • Number of retired people continue to rise.
            • "quarter of pensioners have to keep working."
              • One in four people at retirement age cannot afford to leave their jobs and continue to work indefinitely, research has found.
    • Baby boomers forced into semi retirement and cannot afford to stop working.


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