Geography Revision Set

These cards will have a variety of subjects from the new syllabus...

Some on 'People' and some on 'Environment'.

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Geography Revision Cards...





By Micah Tate

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'Quality of Life' and 'Standard of Living'...

Quality of Life - How happy and content you are.

Standard of Living - How wealthy you are.

If you have a great pay you are said to have a good 'Standard of living' as well as this if you are happy with your job and spend time doing what you want then you also have a good 'Quality of life'.

For example:

Rhys spends 11 hours a day earning £150,000 pa, an astonishing salary (more than the Prime minister) but Rhys has 2 kids and a wife and doesn't see them in the week at all. Because of this he isn't happy with his job, he needs more time to spend time with his family.

Rhys has a great 'Standard of living' but because he spends so long at work he has a poor 'Quality of life'.

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Housing Tenure and Mortgages...

Housing Tenure:

Owner Occupancy - The person/group that lives in the house (owns the building).

Tenancy - A landlord who owns a property rents the building to a tenant.

Cooperative - The person living inside the property can make changes or modify it at their own cost but can not hold exclusive ownership to it.

Public Housing - A property owned by the Government but provided to someone else at a constant rate.

Mortgage - A loan for a property, usually from a bank that has to be paid back over time. Small amounts frequently.

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