Geography- Hydrological cycle

The hydrolgoical/ drainage basin cycle

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The Hydorlogical Cycle (questions)

1. What is the Hydrological cycle?

2. List the basic draingage basin/hydrological cycle and their definitions

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The hydrological cycle (answers)

1. Hydrological cycle: the movement of a constant amount of water between the sea, land and atmosphere.


a) Interception - water collected on plants, then moves via stem flow into soil

b) Surface run-off- (if the ground id saturated, wet or hard) water flows overground to stream, river or lake

c) Infiltration - otherwise water filters through the soil and surface layers

d) Through-flow - inflitrated water moves horizontally through soil to river

e) Percolation- water soaks right into bedrock now called groundwater

f) Groundwater flow - percolated water moving along slowly to the river, below water table

g) A mixture of surface run-off, thorugh flow, and groundwater flow feeds the river

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