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  • Geography
    • Battle for the biosphere
      • Megafauna
        • Any mammel over 40kg
      • Types of biosphere
        • Tundra
        • Coniferous forest
        • Temperate deciduous forest
        • Temperate grassland
        • Mediterranean
        • hot desert
        • tropical rainforest
        • tropical grassland
      • The altitude effect
        • every 100m the temperature decreases  by 1 degree
      • Effect of climate on vegitation
        • Temperature
          • average temperature affects plant growth the most
          • sun rays at the equator are more concentrated than the ones further away from the equator meaning it isnt as hot
          • Tropic of cancer
            • 23 degrees N
          • Tropic of capricorn
            • 23 degrees S
        • Precipitation
          • it happens at low pressure belts
            • this is where two air masses converge and air rises
          • in polar and desert areas theres high pressure causing dry conditions
        • Pressure belts
          • regions of the atmosphere which run around the earth parallel to the equator
            • some are high pressure and some are low pressure areas
      • Values of the biosphere
        • Services
          • Regulating the composition of the atmosphere
          • maintaining the health of the soil
          • regulating water within the hydrological cycle
        • if not used in sustainable ways it will fail to provide these services


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