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quality of life
the satisfaction that people have with their life and their environment
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stranded of life
measurable - level of living enjoyed by a person
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not in education,employment or training
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is an increase in the population of people living in towns or cities
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millionaire city
cities with more one million in it
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mega city
cities with a population over 10 million
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what its purpose is
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residential land
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open spaces
park land or feilds
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shops,offices and theatres
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brown field sites
a site that has already been built on
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attempt to improve an area
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improving an area through knocking down brown field sites and rebuilding them
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improving an area . improving houses usally by mid income
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Greenfield site
a site that has never been built on
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re urbanisation
people moving back into cities
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people moving to suburbs
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convenience goods
things we need every day
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consumer durables
things we need less often
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honey pot sites
where lots of people visit
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carrying capacity
the environments physical and social limits
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settlement hierarchy
a way of ordering settlements according to there size,function and importance
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settlement function
main activity of a place
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when 2 cities merge into 1
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sphere of influence / catchment area
how far a customer will travel to a place to use a service
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dormitory town
were people don't work but go at night
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threshold population
amount of costumes needed to keep a service running
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inner city
a part of the city near the centre mainly older houses and small busnesses
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central businesses district
centre where land value is the highest
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what are burgess and Hoyt
whys of showing towns distribution
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when water vapour turns into water when it cools
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when water sinks into the ground
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water droplets
these are formed when water in the air condenses to form tiny drops of moisture they are visable as cloud of fog
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when liquid water turnes into water vapour
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water vapour
water in its invisible form as a gas in the air
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water falling from the air to the earth as rain etc
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water vapour given off by plants into the air
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hydrological cycle
never ending movement of water between land and sea and air
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surface run off
the flow of water over the grounds surface
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ground water flow
water beneath the earth surface
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river discharge
the amount of water in a river at a given time and place
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base flow
amount of water usually in a river
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lag time
time between the highest discharge and the highest rain fall
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rising limb
showing the rising water
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falling limb
showing the falling water in the river
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peak flow
the highest amount of discharge in a river
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storm flow
period of overland flow
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the amount of water in the river measured in cubic meters
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drainage basin
the area the river drains
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water shed
the edge of the drainage basin the highest place so water will drain away from it to the river
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start of river
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a small river that flows into a large one
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a place when two rivers meet
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hydraluic action
chemical action of river water - slowly devolves bed and banks
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materials carried by the river bump into each other and so are smoothed and broken down into smaller peices
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force of water against bed and bank
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worn by rivers load
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large rocks and boulders rolled along river bank
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small rocks are bounced along river bed
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some rock de solved in water but is stills present
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fine materials light enough to be carried by the water
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a smooth curve of coast between 2 headlands
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a type of erosion - the dissolving away the the rock by acids and salts in the water
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land form from harder rock that juts out into the sea
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a hollowed out feature at base of cliff
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a steep slop of rock / soil
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the curved feature left then the sea erodes inside of cave
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sea stack
a piller of rock left in the sea
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a hole in roof of cave sea blow through
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the process of water sinking through into an aquifer so more water underground
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when people remove water from either a surface store or a ground water store
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ground store
water in ground below water table
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a large store of underground water
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a rock that has tiny gaps so it can store water
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an artificial lake
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when temp above 29'by day and above 14' at night with no rain
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measurable - level of living enjoyed by a person


stranded of life

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not in education,employment or training


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is an increase in the population of people living in towns or cities


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cities with more one million in it


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