Geography AQUA B Unit 1 Key Terms

Main key terms to learn

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Key Terms


 The process of urban growth. An increase in the proportion and number of people living in urban areas.



A city of over 10 million people


Urban Sprawl

The outward growth of urban areas.

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Key Terms

Rural to Urban Migration

The movement of people form the countryside to towns or cities



Outlying districts of a town or city often dominated by housing



Often called shanty towns in developing countries. There are different names for shanty towns around the world including favelas in Brazil, barriadas in Peru and bustees in India

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Key Terms

Squatter settlements

Where people have no legal rights over the land on which they live.


Where people take responsibility for improving their own living conditions.



Self help schemes

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Key Terms

 Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)


An organisation that is independent of government control, usually charitable organisations such as Wateraid, Oxfam, Save the Children


Sattelite Town/New Town


A new settlement built away from the larger city, designed to provide new housing, services and jobs for people from the city.


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