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  • Living in a Active Zone
    • Key Words
      • Shield Volcano- wide base, Runny lava,
      • Strato Volcano- Made up of layers, sticky lava
      • Constructive plate margin- Plates move away from each other
      • Destructive plate margin- Plates move together
    • Primary hazards
      • Pyroclastic Flow
      • Tephra- burning clouds of gas and ash
      • Lahars- Ash and gas wixed with water to make a flowing cement
    • Secondary Hazards
      • Fires
      • Transport difficulties
      • Rubble
      • Tsunamis
    • Earthquakes
      • Occur when plates move passed each other and get stuch
      • Sichuan 2008
        • 7.9 on the Richter scale
        • 87,000 people dead
    • Why do people live near a volcano?
      • Geothermal Energy
      • Volcanic ash fertilises Soil
    • Monitoring Volcanoes
      • Seismograph- pick up tremours
      • GPS detects deformed land
      • Tiltmetres record movement
      • Gas readings monitor sulfur dioxide levels
      • Hazard Mapping
    • Coping with natural hazards
      • LEDC's evacuate people, search for survivors, temporary camps, medical supplies
      • MEDC's spray water from planes to cool lava, earth channels to divert lava flow,
      • Long term- LEDC's- Basic warning system MEDC's- Train people to cope with disaster, educating young people, New buildings


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