Geography: Tourism - Increasing Tourists

Here are some details about the increasing levels of tourists.

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Increasing Tourists

More people are becoming tourists and travelling to different countries in their holidays.

It is often much cheaper than it once was - in the UK, it costs the same to go on holiday abroad as it does to go on holiday in the UK!

Less developed countries are seeing the benefits of the increasing global tourism industry, as they are gaining money from visiting tourists. This money then supports their economic development, and improves opportunities for the country's people.

Also, more and more people from less developed countries are starting to take holidays abroad.

An example of this is in China, where the middle class people are showing their wealth by taking holidays both inside China and outside of China. They visit places like Thailand to ride elephants and go on tours of the temples.

Paris, Rome and Syndney are also places commonly visited by the Chinese.

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