GCSE Talking exam


hi my name is jason thomson and my speech is based

The main points I will be making is information about and how to handle hearing aids and about all the different types and sizes of hearing aid batteries.

Hearing aid batteries.

Some hearing aid’s batteries are all different sizes.

They last about 2 weeks.

The most used size is Size 675.

Information about and how to handle hearing aids.

Hearing aids can be analogue or digital, depending on the type of technology they use to process sound.

Some hearing aids are different sizes and shapes and can also have different battery sizes.

When a child is effected by the hearing loss it can lead in to something bigger and worse than it already is like for instance you can go completely deaf.

Hearing loss is effecting children every day.

Some students like to wear hearing aids called the invisible hearing aids so they will not get noticed as quickly as it would if it did not blend in.

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