gcse English language paper two

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reading time

read both texts

highlight elements for each question in different colours

prepare and plan your answer as you are reading 

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question 1

small section of text

identify four true statements from a choice of eight 

these will need inference skills. be carefull not to be tricked

4 marks in 5 minutes 

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question 2

whole text coverage of both texts

the question will give a focus- either similarities or differences 

have a statement that summarise yourpoint, and encorprate evidence 

make an iference from this quotation

8 marks in 10 mins 

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question 3


whole text coverage

analyse how the writer uses language for effect 

use terminology to introduce your points 

analyse elements such as effect on reader, and link directly back to focus of question 

12 marks in 12 mins

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question 4

while text comparison of both texts;

what is the writers perspective? how are they writing? through what lenses?

what is the writers viewpoint? what do they think/ feel about the issue?

support every idea with evidence

how does the writer use language to convey this?

can you make any inference to take your understanding further

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question 5

writing to present your viewpoint and opinion 

you will be given a purpose from persuade/argue/explain or advise

you will be asked to write for one of five purposes- essay, speach, letter, leaflet,or article

employ all the language feature syou know to develop an argument 

consisder the effect you want to achieve - show people you are fair, balanced and reasonable 

remember to paragraph and structure deliberately 

40% of marks are for spag

40 marks in 45 mins 

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