Gan Eden - the Jewish afterlife (Heaven/paradise)

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Gan Eden meaning of the word

'Gan' is the Hebrew word for 'Garden'. Hence, Gan Eden simply means Garden of Eden.

Gan Eden is obviould mentioned in Genesis with the creation of Adam and Eve. However, many Jews understand it as being the paradise they will be rewarded with if they are morally good on Earth.

Jewish teachings are fairly vague as to what will happen after Sheol, but some reference is made to what paradise may be like.

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Features of Gan Eden

1. As the name would suggest, Gan Eden is thought to represent a garden.

2. Genesis 2:10-4 makes mention of four rivers flowing through the garden. Some Jews may talk of these rivers being made of 'milk and honey'

3. Some Jewish texts talk of 'gates of ruby', where people will be greeted by angels as they enter.

4. The Tree of Life stands in the centre with its branches covering the entire garden adn it contains "five hundred thousand varieties of fruit in all differing in appearance and taste".

5. Jews believe it is their souls which will travel to Gan Eden, and some Jews may believe they will be re-united with their loved ones.

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Some key terms of the afterlife from a Jewish perspective.

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