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  • Judaism beliefs and teachings
    • Nature of God
      • Law giver
        • 613 Mitzvot
      • Merciful
      • Destroyer
      • Creator
        • "When God began to create heaven and earth" Genesis 1:1
    • Divine presence (Sheckinah)
      • God's manifested glory / divine presence.
      • It refers to God's presence on Earth.
      • The tabernacle is referered to as being the early dwelling place for teh divine presence of God.
      • In the Tenakh it mentions that Jews were led on their journey by a pillar of fire or cloud.
    • Covenant with Moses
      • Who was Moses?  Born into slavery, Moses was ordered by God to set the Israelite people free.  He was given the 10 commandments and the Torah by G_d and led to the promise land.
      • Moses was given the laws as well as the interpretations.  His people promised to follow the laws (10 commandments and the mitzvot).  God would continue to give the people his blessings as his chosen people.  The Sabbath day of rest was the physical symbol.
    • Sanctity of life
      • all life is holy and it is created and loved by God, human life should not be abused or mistreated.
      • Preserving human life is duty for all Jews.
        • Pikuah Nefesh - the obligation to save a life even if it means breaking a jewish law.
      • God gives life to human, only he can take it away.
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    • Key moral principles
      • Justice
      • Healing the world
      • Charity
    • Life, death and resurrection
      • Teachings imply that the GOOD will enter paradise (Gan Eden)
      • Sheol - a place where people go to have their sins cleansed.
      • Resurrection - in Judaism resurrection is the idea that at some point after death people will rise from their graves to live again.  However many Jews reject the idea of resurrection (spiritual or physical)
        • "Many of those that sleep in the dust of the earth will awake, some to eternal life, other to reproaches, to everlasting abhorrence" Daniel 12;2
      • Many jews have no firm belief in the after life.  Jews believe that the present is so much more important.  They should focus on living and pleasing God.
    • Mitzvot
      • 613 laws given to Moses
      • 365 negative - informing Jews what they cant do  248 positive - informing Jews what they should do.
      • The mitzvot cover areas such as food, business, punishments, clothing, wars the poor, God and rituals.
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    • Covenant with Abraham (promised land)
      • Abraham's father believed in many Gods.  Abraham believed the world was created by one God.
      • Abraham was was told by God to go to the promised land where he would make them a great nation and Abraham the father of it.
      • God promised Abraham land descendants - hence he is seen as the father of the Jewish nation.  Abraham would only ever worship One God and be obedient to him.  The symbol was the circumcision of male babies.
      • The first covenant connected Jews to God before the Torah.  Abraham had his faith tested by God 10 times.  Abraham was the founding father, the circumcision of all males unites the children of Israel.
    • Covenant
      • The Lord chose the Jews as his treasured possession.  The idea of being chosen bring responsibility.
      • The job is to serve G_d  through the laws. - everlasting covenant.


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