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Jewish and Christian funeral rites, death and afterlife.

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  • Looking for meaning
    • Death and the Afterlife
      • Death is one of the things in life we can be sure about.
      • No scientific proof that people can talk to the death or have near death experiences. Nothing beyond life when you die.
      • What happens after death and it's connection with how life is loved on earth is a part of all religions. Details differ between religions but belief in an afterlife almost always ;  helps people make sense of life, gives support and comfort at times of loss, proves a purpose to life.
    • Christian Teaching
      • Christians believe there's an afterlife, body dies and is buried or cremated and the unique soul lives on and raised to a new life by God.
      • Belief that Jesus rose from dead 3 days after his execution, gives people hope that if they follow his teaching  then a new life awaits them.
      • God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
      • Believe that God is fair, can't let evil go unpunished. God will treat people in afterlife to how they lived life on earth. (Bad life on earth, bad treatment in Afterlife)
      • Heaven is rarely described in Bible, Heaven is a physical place where body goes after death, others believe it's that their soul lives on. Heaven - united with God.
      • Bible is less specific about Hell, different ideas about it. Hell is a place of suffering, hell is a spiritual state of being seperated from Gd.
    • Judaism and death
      • Jews don't have any clear teaching about the relationship between the body and soul. Not imprtant.
      • G-d, Jewws dont spell out this sacred name
      • Rabbis teach that soul leaves body while a person is asleep and visits heaven.
      • The first mention of the idea of a life after death comes in the bok of Daniel; many of those who sleep in the dusty earth will awaken: these for everlasting life and these for shame, for everlasting abhorrence. - Daniel 12:2
      • Good people will enter Gan Eden (paradise) and others will go to Gehenna (a place of waiting)
      • Importance of  life is the way it's lived on earth. Whatever happens after death is in G-d's hands and should be left to him to arrange.
    • Christian Funeral Rites
      • Funerals are a way of celebrating the life, allow family and friends to say bye and grieve. Funeral marks end of a persons life, allows people to pay respects and remember.
      • Christian Funeral Service - service starts with words from John 11, deceased will either be buried or cremated, poems or Bible readings, Hymns may be sang, prayers spoken, eulogy, words of commitall said if body burried, friends and family gather after to share memories.
      • Funeral scan var, personaliste them by choosing certain hym, song Bible reading. Priest may have given teh person the Last Rites. Chance for dying person to seek forgiveness.
    • Jewish Funeral Rites
      • As they're dying, Jews say the Shema (prayer), when someone dies Jews say Kaddish, as soon as someone dies preparations are made for burial, body's washed and dressed, body is put in a plain wooden coffin, before burial the mourners make a tear in their garments.
      • Mourning; No flowers are given at a Jewish funeral, service is short, after burial a blessing is said; May God comfort you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem, family return hme to sit Shiva, next seven days candle is kept burning and mirrors are covered, stay at home, Kaddish is said 3 times a day, for next 11 months Kaddish is said every day, dead person remembers each year on the anniversary of death by lighting of a Yahrzeit candle, before 1st anniversay a tombstone placed on grace.


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