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What does Judaism teach about god?

They are monotheists; the opening of the shema states ‘the lord is one’.

God is divine; don’t say his name ‘Hashem’- the name. G

od will send a messiah to establish a new age of universal peace ; there is an empty chair to prepare 4 the coming of prophet Elijah.

Lawgiver; mitvolt

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Name 4 ways a Christian might respond to god?

Vocation – dedicate their life to god by being aa priest.

Community work or getting a job that offers a service to others, it’s more blessed to give than to receive

 Prayer- say the Lord’s Prayer>can be one or group.

Holy Communion>take it in memory of Jesus. 

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Name 4 ways a Jew might respond to god?

Community work or getting a job that offers a service to others, 'it’s more blessed to give than to receive'.

Vocation> special covenant with god, must serve him, live life by the torah

.>marry and having children, 'go forth and multiply'.

Becoming a rabbi.

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How to Christians worship god?

Most Christians believe it is important to worship collectively in church

Most churches have their main services on Sunday morning.

RC churches always include Holy Communion.

Pentecostals- may have spontaneous often charismatic worship (expressing emotion through dance and singing)

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How do Jews worship god?

Shabbat- fri nigh- sat most go to synagogue cant work.

Shema- said morn and night statement that there is only one god.

Passover – remember when isralites were freed form Egyptians, 7 days. Yom kippur- reflect on year and ask 4 4giveness, what happens: no sex, no bathes, no leather, fast 4 25 hours, wear white.

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What does Judaism teach about the afterlife?

They believe that the messiah will bring an era of perfect peace and prosperity called the messianic age.

Only Righteous people resurrected, physical bodies so cremation is forbidden.

Gan Eden – Garden of Eden (physical place of warmth.) gehinnom – purgatory (fire and physical torment).

Rabbis teach that during Shabbat god gives everyone an extra soul.

It was believe that everyone went to Sheol for eternity after death.

No clear teaching about after life. yone went to Sheol for eternity after death.

No clear teaching about after life.

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What are Jewish funeral rites?

 The dead person must not be left alone until they are buried in a bet chayim preferably within 24 hours.

Body is washed and cleansed in mikveh – respect, wrapped in a white linen shroud, then placed in a plain wooden coffin- show rich and poor r equal.

 Kriah- tearing of garments symbol of grief.

Men wear a Kippah- god’s intelligence is greater than humans.

1st week after funeral = Shiva family can’t have sex, listen to music, shave or cut their hair and the have to pray 3 times a day.

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What are Christian funeral rites?

 Priest – because it is a religious ceremony.

Service in church- god’s presence.

Cross caries in front of the coffin – show god is near. Prayer for deceased – hasten their transfer to heaven, bring comfort.

Cremation or burial- the body doesn’t need to be intact. Hymns- praise god for person’s life.

Eulogy- give comfort to congregation and value to life.

Committal- lowing the body into the ground

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