Functions Within Organisations

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Accounts or Finance

  • Carrys out tasks relating to money that comes into the organisation as well as going out.
  • Records received payments for goods/services provided.
  • Many payments paid by BACS
  • BACS: Banks Automated Clearing System
  • Records of all financial transactions must be kept!
  • External Organisations that they keep in touch with:
    • Inland Revenue - Require accurate amounts so correct amount of tax can be collected, e.g. employees & organisations
    • Customs & Excise Requires details of transactions including VAT --> detuct VAT paid by organisation to suppliers from the amount of VAT recvieved by the organisation from suppliers.
    • Shareholders - want accurate financial records as well as bank if wanting loan.
  • This function will also communicate with:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources (HR)
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  • This is a section within Accounts or Finance.
  • Purely responsible for the ordering & payment of goods/services
  • Will raise purchase orders
  • Will recieve & arrange payment of supplier's invoices.
  • Other functions will communicate with these when needing supplies.
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Sales Order Processing

  • This is another section within Accounts or Finance.
  • Responsible for administration of organisations financial dealing with customers.
  • Organise contracts for services.
  • Recieve sales orders.
  • Create & send invoices.
  • Recvieve & process customer payments.
  • Close links with Sales.
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  • Responsible for selling an organisations products/services to customers.
  • Many examples:
    • Shop:
      • Sales staff help customers find required products.
      • Take customer payments.
      • Wrap purchases.
      • Ensure goods on display.
      • Maybe take orders for out-of-stock items.
    • Newspaper publishing:
      • Responsible for selling advertisement space in newspaper --> TELESALES
      • Staff take card details from customer OR add the cost to an account so customer can recieve invoice.
    • Kitchen Design Company:
      • May visit customer to talk about requirements.
      • Give quotation based on requirements.
      • If agreed on quotation salesperson orders parts & organise labour.
      • Take deposit.
  • Will work closely with:
    • Marketing                             Accounts                          Production                    Distribution
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  • Often linked with Sales.
  • Reponsibility to:
    • Plan future sales
    • Monitor organisations relationship with customer & potential customers.
  • Also advertise organisations products/services:
    • Designing advertisements & buying advert space.
    • Design & distribute flyers.
    • Trade fair stands.
    • Web-based advertising.
  • Market research --> direct marketing
    • VIA themselves or a direct marketing agency.
  • Close links with:
    • Sales
    • Design & Marketing.
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Research & Development

  • Carries out research into new things:
    • Techniques
    • Technologies
    • Materials
  • Development: develops new products/services
    • creating prototype to see whether there is a market for it.
    • However may not be put into production
    • Helps to improve products/services.
  • R&D work closely wiyh marketing so no wasting time & money on projects.
  • Also communicate with design & production functions.
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Human Resources (HR)

  • Deals with organisation employees.
  • More staff needed = contacts employment agencies & places advertisements.
  • Responsible for sending out application forms as well as complete application forms, CVs & application letters.
    • Application letterss liaised with senior staff to shortlist applicants for interview
    • Interview organised by HR
  • Other tasks include:
    • Handling requests for leave.
    • Disciplinary matters.
    • Arranging cover for staff on leave/sick
    • Recording staff hours worked & calculating wages due.
    • Organise staff pension contributions.
    • Sending out redundancy notices when staff needs to be reduced.
    • Dealing with trade unions & staff organisations
    • Arranging & keeping records of staff training.
  • In regular contact with all other functions.
  • Communicate with external functions:
    • Employment agencies
    • Inland Revenue.
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  • Takes over where R&D function finishes
  • Takes the ideas & prototypes developed by R&D and turns them into designs for products/services that could be supplied to customers.
  • Design products from scratch.
  • Communicates with:
    • Research & Development
    • Production
    • Marketing
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  • Most likey to be found in an organisation that makes or sells goods.
  • A.K.A: Logistics
  • Goods from factory/farm --> warehouse --> shops or customers
  • VIA: mail or courirers.
  • Ensure packages correctly addressed --> courier/postal collection is organised.
  • Bulk sent by either rail/air freight/road hauliers.
  • Responsible for items to arrive on time.
  • Communicate with:
    • Production
    • Sales Function
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  • Only occurs in organisation that manufacturers.
  • Takes the raw materials, parts & facilities and uses them to make the products. 
  • There will be a production line where members of the production function each carry out a particular task --> products moves along the line.
  • Many machines now taking over task - more about overseeing and maintaining & checking quality of products created.
  • Communicate with all other functions.
  • Service organisations = Service Provision
  • Provide service to customer.
  • There will also be cleaners and mainteniance staff.
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ICT Services

  • Responsible for the provision of all computer facilities within the organisation.
  • For example:
    • Obtaining, installing, maintaining hardware & software
    • Managing the local area & possibly wide area network services (LANs & WANs).
    • Providing hardware & software support to ICT users in organisation.
    • Internal & external data communications --> intranet & website.
  • Small organisations no ICT services function BUT hve contrct with external ICT services provider.
  • Communcate with all other functions. 
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  • Day-to-day running.
  • For example:
    • Looking after building & facilities.
    • General maintenance
    • Cleaning
    • Fleet management and utilites.
  • In smaller organisations ICT services & HR may make up administration.
  • Exchane info with other functions.
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