Fuel Wood Gathering


Fuel Wood Gathering Impacts

Wood Gathered/cut                            

No interception 
Soil unprotected
Erosion by water/wind

Surface run off faster
Flooding & increased sediment from erosion


Habitats destroyed
Fewer nutrients aded into soil from decomposing vegetation
Nutrients lost from soil
Infertile soil - ecosystems permanently damaged
Can't be used for crops/ grazing

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Is gathering fuel wood sustainable?

  • Gatherng dead wood in rural areas for local use is sutainable
  • Commercial collection of lvie wood for urban areas is now outstripping growth.
  • Ubranisation making problems worse:
    - Ubran populations growing faster
    - Convert wood to charcoal, lighter but only contains 40% woods energy, so larger lumps wood needed (not twigs).

Future problems:

  • Not enough wood nearby, have to travel further.
  • Can't heat food, have lighting or warmth.
  • Increased demand for alternative resources.
  • Conlict for little wood left. 
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