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Name Drops

Erosional Features-High force water fall

Deopositional Features-Nile Delta(arcuate), Tiber Delta(Cuspate), Mississippi Delta(Birds foot)

Rejuvenation-River wear, Durham(Incised Meander)-River Thames, Oxford(River Terrace)

Sediment Cells-The UK (esp.Flamborough head-the wash)

Erosional Features: The Isle of Purbeck: Arch(Durdle Door), Cove(Lulworth Cove), Headland(Peveril point), Bay(Studland Bay), Stack(Old Harry), Wave cut platform(The Foreland, Dorset)

Depositional Features-Tombola(Chesil Beack), Spit(Spurn Head or Hurst castle)

Salt Marshes/Halosere:Keyhaven, Hampshire

Sand Dunes/Psammosere: Ainsdale Dunes  (Formby)

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Name Drops 2

Emergent Features: Marine terraces (Columbia), Raised Beach (Isle of Aaron)

Submergent Features: Fjord(Norway), Dalmatian Coast(Adriatic Sea), Ria(Fowey Estuary, Devon), Submerged forest(Canada and Alaska)

Environmental issues: Global warming, Acid Rain(Norway or Canada), Fuel wood gathering (Gambia), Exhaustion of fossil fuels(Oil in Alaska

Appropriate Technology: Small scale(Micro/Hydro in Nepal,LEDC), Small scale(Micro/Hydro in Kenya, LEDC), Wind Power(UK, South Pennines, MEDC), Wave and Tidal power(UK's Severn Estuary, MEDC)

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