French Speaking Questions

speaking questions GCSE french

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Section A- Personal Relationships

A1) Combien de personnes y a t-il dans ta famille?
how many people are there in your family?

A2)Peux-tu décrire ton frére/ ta soeur?
can you describe your brother/sister?

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Section A- Personal Relationships

A3) Que fait ton père comme métier?
what does your dad do for a job?

A4) ...cant answer due to being part of my role play

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Section A- Personal Relationships

A5) Qu'est-ce que tu as fait hier soir?
what did you say yesterday evening?

A6) Que vas-tu fair le week-end prochain?
what are you going to do next weekend?

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Section A- Personal Relationships

A7 B16) Est-ce que tu es en bonne santé
are you in good healtj?

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Section B- Home Life

B1) Ou habites-tu?
where do you live?

B2) Il y a combien de piéces?
how many rooms?

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