French exam tips


GCSE French Exam Tips

Make sure that you have learned all the necessary words after you complete each topic.

You could draw a mind map or create a database on your PC. During the topic try to learn ten new words a day. Ask someone to test you on the words: you need to be able to spell the words properly so remember to write them down when being tested.

  • Try to complete sample role-plays and conversations, then make a recording of yourself. By listening to the presentations and role-plays as part of your revision plan, you will be able to boost your fluency. This is often more interesting and more beneficial than simply reading words on a page.
  • Practise the questions from your text books. This will build your confidence and enable you to anticipate the type of questions that will occur in the GCSE examination.
  • Decide if you know the topic thoroughly and if there are any weak areas: note them and look for ways to improve them in the next topic, e.g. use of adjectives, use of the past tense.

Preparing a Revision Programme

You need to prepare a programme which allows you to focus on the weak areas: do not spend time revising the work that you know well. It may make you feel good, but it is unproductive and will do nothing to help you to move forward.

Spend time on your presentations for the oral examination and look for ways to improve them.

  • You need to be able to make use of previously learned language in another topic.
    • E.g. In the topic on family you have to be able to use adjectives to describe members of your family. - Mon père est assez grand. Il a les cheveux courts et raides et les yeux marron. Il porte des lunettes et il a une moustache.
    • In the topic on crime, you should be able to describe…


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