French Roleplay Vocabulary

Here is a PDF document containing useful phrases to help you with your french roleplays in the oral exam. I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :D

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Higher Tier
Band C Role Plays
You will have to answer a surprise question. You will not be given any information about it,
or the required response.
During your preparation time, try to guess what could be asked according to the setting of the
Speaking: Role Play Tips
Listen carefully for the tense of the question you are asked. If you're asked a question in the
future tense, reply using the future tense as well.
Speak clearly and confidently.
If you don't understand the question ask the teacher to repeat it or say that you don't know in
"Pourriez-vous repeter la question s'il vous plait?"
= Could you repeat the question please?
"Je ne sais pas" = I don't know
"Je ne comprends pas" = I don't understand
The role-plays are your chance to show what you can do.
Check your Edexcel GCSE booklets.
Bonne chance!

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ROLE PLAY B (Foundation and Higher)
Four utterances
· ? = ask a question
· ! unprepared element that you can't prepare in
Listen to the question in the exam and answer it.…read more

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Can I phone home? Je peux telephoner chez moi ?
Can you get there by ... ? On peut aI/er en. ..…read more

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When should I come back / Quand dois-je rentrer ?
return ?
Where can 1 buy ... ? Du est-ce que je peux acheter ... ?
Where is the cash desk? Du est la caisse?
Where is the exit ? Du est la sortie?
Which platform is it ? C'est quel quai ?
Unprepared elements:
(These answers are just suggestions.…read more

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Qu'est-ce que tu fais What do you usually doJe regarde la tele
normalement le soir ? in the evening?
Qu'est-ce que tu vas What are you going to Un pantalon et
porter? wear? une chemise
Qu'est-ce que vous What do you want to Un cafe
voulez boire ? drink?
Qu'est-ce que vous What do you want to Un sandwich
voulez manger? eat?
Quand travaillez-vous au When do you work at Le matin
rnarche ? the market?
Quand voulez-vous When do you want to En septembre…read more

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Places in town:
a bank une banque
a cafe un cafe
a campsite un camping
a chemist une pharmacie
a department store un grand magasin
a hotel un hotel
a museum un musee
a park un jardin public
a restaurant un restaurant
a shop un magasin
a skating rink une patinoire
a sports centre un centre sportif
a swimming pool une piscine
a youth hostel une auberge de jeunesse
an office un bureau
the beach la plage
the castle le chateau
the church t'eqlise
the…read more

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I/er simple
a 10 seat une place a dix euros
10 dix euros
12 douze euros
15 quinze euros
£5 cinq livres
£6 six livres
£7 sept livres
a bag un sac
a hairbrush a
une brosse cheveux
a pair of trousers un pantalon
a shirt une chemise
a toilet bag une trousse de toilette
a toothbrush une brosse a dents
a t-shirt un tee-shirt
a wallet un porte-teuille
an umbrella un parapluie
some envelopes des envelopes
some jeans un jean
some postcards des…read more

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at 7.30 a sept heures et demie
at 8.15 a huit heures et quart
at 9.…read more

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II,"","""".__ ..., __ ~=-~_O_L_E_P""",LA_Y_S_...."""""._.
""'' ' ' ' ' "-",BIO_···.__-.. 5M' ~
These questions and answers are very similar to those on card B and also to the sets of questions you should
have studied for the different topic areas.…read more

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Role Play C Unpredictable Elements
These are all the unpredictable questions asked in Role Play Cs. The questions are arranged in loose
topic areas, but lots of the questions will crop up in many different contexts.…read more



A very useful resources listing all the vocabulary and questions that might crop up in the Edexcel oral examinations. Also some tips on what to do in the exam.

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