French GCSE - en ville vocabulary

Vocabulary for french GCSE on the topic of Finding the way ( En Ville ) it will tell you the different buildings and directions to say in french and useful phrases of finding the way the places .

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Asking the way ( Demander son chemin )

Pouvez -vous m'aider?                Can you help me ?

Je suis perdu                               Im lost

Ou est le/la?                                Where is the .. ?

Ou sont les?                                Where are the?

Le centre ville                              the town centre

le port                                          the port

l'aeroport                                     the airport

le stade                                       the stadium

le supermarche                           the supermarket

l'hypermarche                             the hypermarket

le centre commercial                  the shopping centre

le musee                                    the museum

le cinema                                    the cinema

le marche                                    the market

le camping                                   the campsite

le chateau                                   the castle

le pont                                         the bridge

la zone pietonne                          the predestrian presinct

la piscine                                     the swimming pool

le bureau de change                   the bereau de change

le commissariat de police            the police station

la poste                                       the post office

la gare                                         the station

la gare routire                              the bus station

la rue                                           the street

la route de...                                the road to ..

la place                                        the square

l'hotel de ville                               the town hall

l'hotel                                          the hotel

l'auberge de jeunesse                the youth hostel

l'autoroute                                  the motorway

l'office de tourisme                     the tourist information

l'eglise                                       the church

les toilttes                                  the toilets

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