Fourdrinier Process

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Fourdrinier Process

Wet End : 

  • starts with wood pulp diluted to 99% water and 1% fibre
  • a continous stream of slurry is pumped from the headbox through an adjsutable slit
  • a moving guaze belt drains off some of the water and allows fibres to interweave
  • raised patterns formed create the watermark

Press Section : 

  • rollers wring out the majority of excess water
  • stretches it out into a rough paper
  • the thickness of the paper / board is then determind
  • the gap between the press rollers is adjusted to allow for differing thicknesses

Dryer Section : 

  • dries the paper using a series of steam-heated rollers

Calender section

  • comprises a series of rollers through the chosen paper which is fed in , in order to smooth it
  • the thickness applied determins the finish of the paper
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