Foriegn Intervention

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  • Defended divided state system; absolutist gov; her occupation of Lombardy and Venetia
  • Her attitude towards the most progressive ruler- Duke Ferdinans of Tuscany was nefative- encouraged rulers to be repressive
  • Austria restored power of absolutists rulers
  • End of influence 1866
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  • 1815-48 France was excluded from Italy becuase of the Vienna Settlement- defended by all the Great Powers
  • 1849- Pope appelas help from Catholic Powers of Europe of Europe to defeat Roman Republic and restore his authoriy in Rome
  • 1380-50s- Napolean III talks about wanting to do something for Italy
  • 1858- Cavour- Plombeires which resulted in Secret Treaty of 1859- ain to trick Austria
  • 1859 war- France instrumental defeat of Austria- Magenta, Solferino
  • Austrian withdrawal to Quadrilateral & distrust of Cavour's policies in Central Duchies led to Villafrance and Zurich Treaty
  • 1860- French Public opinion against 1859 War meant Napolean III couldnt do anything when Piedmont expanded into Cebtral Italy/ Garibaldi conqured South
  • Napoleon III accepts unification as inevitable but Pope keeps Rome- stop Garibaldi
  • 1866- Napolean's secret deals with Prussia and Austria ensures Venetia goes to Italy whatever the outcome of Austria-Prussian War
  • France forced to give up Rome in 1870- defeat by Prussia
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  • no direct involovment untill 1866
  • were a traditional follow like Russia to Austria untill mid 1850 when Austria stoped Prussia from expansion in Germany
  • Prussia launched two wars in 1866 and 1870
  • success in battlefield allowed Italy to gain Venetia and Rome
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