Communist China

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  • 1945 - Japanese leave Korea who have occupied it since 1910, the japanese left due to the atomic bomb being let off in Japan.
  • Stalin, in Russia decided to quickly move into korea to make sure that it stays communist.
  • South Korea is being helped by the USA, as it was a non-capitalist country and didn't like communism.
  • Soon after America found that they were losing interest, as of this Kim il sung (Russia) decides to invade south korea, America then decides to go through the united nations to help South Korea. America was scared of communism as they were worried that it would create a domino effect.
  • 1949 - Sino-Soviet treaty between Russia and China, Russia helps china and gives them 300 million dollars, and 10, 000  Russian experts, however in return the Chinese had to give Russia some of their bullion stocks and they have to pay interest on the 300 million.  Russia also said that China has to give the Russian expertise a luxury place to live.
  • 1950 - Mao visits Stalins 70th Birthday, where he asks…


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