For and Against Libel

Libel Law

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For The Law of Libel

  • Acts as a deterrent from newspapers making false claims as the compensation they would have to give is usually a considerable amount of money
  • Those who have experienced financial loss through false claims being published can be compensated to ease the loss
  • Newspapers are under constant pressure to publish interesting stories meaning the urge to lie is stronger leaving more of a chance for them to publish false claims so Libel is needed now more than ever
  • Newspapers have an obsession with celebrities making them more vulnerable especially as claims made against them could ruin their professional reputation so they might need financial compensation to counter the negative effects.
  • Although it gets criticized for only being ok for the rich an famous, it is however accessible for everyone and the compensation could counter the costs associated with it.
  • Parkinson - Daily Mail - March 2010: Got £25,000 over claims he lied about family background
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Against Libel Law

  • Libel law puts restraints on the British Press and restricts the idea of a 'Free Press' it adds fear to the media which could result in important things not being published that could impact the general public.
  • There are very large costs associated with claiming for Libel so it means not everyone can afford to go through with it so its not a available to those who cannot afford the fee's.
  • Celebrities have been known to abuse the law and are likely to get a quick settlement as defamatory statement being made about a public icon could ruin a papers reputation
  • It can put some smaller regional papers out of business due to the large costs.
  • The money made by a newspaper in sales of a paper containing a defamatory article could outweigh the libel costs so its not an affective deterrent.
  • Kate Winslet - Daily Mail - November 2009: Lied about fitness regime for £25,000
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