For and Against the PCC

For and against the Press Complaints Commission

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For the PCC and against further regulations

  • The PCC is quick and easy which allows anybody to voice their complaints.
  • The PCC strives to keep a 'Free Press'
  • Its made up of the very people who are in the midst of the British Press, through the self regulation a high level of ethical standards are maintained.
  • Becuase it it funded by the industry it is free from statutory control
  • They claim to have 90% of all claims ending in being 'Resolved' taking on average 25 days to do so.
  • Rochelle Wiseman - News of the world - March 2010
    • Photographs at a London Solicitors
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Against the PCC

  • Because they cant impose financial compensation any published article that had defamatory comments that may have caused a finacial loss for the claimant and they cant get any compensation through the PCC where as they could with Libel Law.
  • The PCC have been critised for not being good enough as they have no legal powers and the newspapers are under no legal obligation to follow through with the suggestions the PCC give.
  • John Prescott said "The PCC is useless" on the resolution of the 'News of the world' reporters being accused of hacking celebrities phones.
  • Doesn't act as a very good deterrent for false statements being made in the first place
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