food and clothing

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The spartan diet

- considered by other greeks to be frugal, plain and unappetising 

- lycurgus specified a light diet and plutarch says a large diet would of made them fat and listless

- the spartan diet produced healthy spartans

- black broth, barley was made into a porridge and bread, range of fruits, olives and olive oils, cheese,goats milk, honey. Meat was rare, but they ate pork and poultry and fish

- hunting provided meat

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Clothing was symbolic to the social class

it was a "non verbal propaganda message"

value on uniformity and equality

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spartiate clothing

- modest style of dress - lycurgus - "equality"

- men wore a cheap and corse cloak (tribbon) - symbolise simplicity and austerity

- red military coat - "Phoinikis", the red concealed blood

- this was to level everyone, not only for economic and social equality but also a unification of common consciousness

- boys in the agoge wore the "chiton" and at 12 they were allowed to wear a cloak called the "himation"

-hair was also controlled. cut short in agoge, beards were a sign of maturity but moustaches weren't allowed. They had hair grooming rituals before battle

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social outcasts

ritual himilation - non verbal

old bachelors onced a year were forced to parade in a circle, naked in the agora, singing a song about how they broke the laws

tresantes: were not allowed to wear the red cloak, but wore a "counter cloak" that underlined social exclusion. it had distinctive colour patches that marked them as outcasts 

they had to shave off their beards

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helot clothing

- meant to humiliate, degrade and dehumanise by suggesting that they were animals 

- they had to wear a dogskin cap and dress in the skins of animals

- Ephraim David: "beastial uniform"

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Female clothing

they wore a "pelpos", like a tunic fastened with brooches. Was open up at the thigh 

- got the name "thigh flashers"

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- examples of bronze pins and brooches to pin the pelpos (archelogical)

- carved combs and bronze mirrors

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