Stages of Vesuvius Erruption

These are just breif notes on the stages of the 79 AD Erruption that covered Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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Day 1 (Midday)

Describe the first stage of the erruption

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The first explosion sends a great cloud of ash,pumice and gases 20km into the air. Pliny the Younger said it resembled an 'Umbrella Pine"

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Day 1 (Midday)

Describe the Second stage of the Erruption

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Pumice fallout over Pompeii begins ,the size ranges from pebbles called lappili to rock sized .The build up caused roofs to collapse. Fallout at Herculanum is less.

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Day 2 (4-6am)

Describe the third stage of the erruption

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The collapse of the collumn of hot gas and pumice causes a series of pyroclastic surges and flows of ash and hot gases.They raced south and west. The 1st surge covered Herculaneum in 3m of ash.

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Day 2 (5-7am)

Describe the fourth stage of the erruption

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A second surge deposits another 1.5 m of ash on Herculaneum

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Day 2 around (around 6:30 am)

Describe what happened in the fourth stage of the erruption.

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A third surge in the direction of Pompeii stops at the Herculaneum gate (The gate is in Pompeii actually)

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Day 2 (7:30-8am)

Describe the 6th stage of the erruption.

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Three more sucessive surges,reaching temperatures between 100 degrees and 400 degrees bury Pomepii to a depth of up to 4m.The final surge reaches Miseneum

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