Florence Nightingale

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Crimean War

  • Nursing had a bad repution before
  • She brought a new sense of discipline and professionalism to nursing
  • She became a nurse despite her family's opposition.
  • She studied in Europe from 1849.
  • Crimean war broke out in March 1854, used telegraphic communications to get stories home and allowed people to have opinions and comment on it.
  • Horror stories about Barrack Hospital where the British wounded from Crimean war were being treated.
  • Sidney Herbert (secretary of war and friend of Nightingale's family) requested that Florence went to sort out nursing care in the hospital.
  • Military opposed.
  • Florence still went along with her 38 chosen nurses.
  • Before she went, death rate in the hospital was 42%, 2 years later it was just 2%, partly due to improvements to ward hygiene.
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Mission after Crimea

  • Used her fame to help change face of nursing forever.
  • Her book 'Notes on Nursing' was standard textbook for generations of nurses.
  • Public raised £44,000 to help train nurses, she set up Nightingale School of Nursing, discripline and attention to detail were important.
  • By 1900, 64,000 trained nurses in Britain.
  • 1919 Registration of Nurses Act made training compulsory for nurses.
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